About Us

Since many years Berlin has been the city that can offer the broadest overview of the current progressions of contemporary art with its multitude of international artists and galleries. POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair aspires to enable this overview and discourse more extensively. 

POSITIONS BERLIN is an art fair depicting the quality and currentness of the international art scene comprehensively and independently from established categories and inviting the visitor to discover new positions. 

A team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the field of art fairs with outstanding contacts in the international art market are behind the organization of POSITIONS BERLIN.

POSITIONS BERLIN invites international galleries to apply with their most significant artistic positions of contemporary and modern art.



Kristian Jarmuschek (director, CEO)
Heinrich Carstens (director)
Elisabeth Pernau (project management – gallery relations, production)
Natalia Carstens (project management  – VIP relations, PR)
Martin Jarmuschek (project management – production, staff management)
Klaus Scheuermann (project management – finances, human resources, contracts)
Ines Wittneben (head of communications & PR)
Astrid Scheuermann (project management – social media)
Nora Malles (project management- catalogue)