Supporting Programme 2017


From 12 - 23 September POSITIONS Berlin presents 29 young contemporary artistic positions from graduates of art academies in Berlin, Weimar, Leipzig, Halle and Dresden.
With Felix Baxmann, Christoph Blankenburg, Julius Bobke, Christian Claus, Sarah Deibele, Hannah Dunkelberg, Lilli Döscher, Daisuke Doi, Lena Marie Emrich, Alba Frenzel, Lars Frohberg, Carolin Gasse, Dominique Hille, Christian Holze, Daniel Kemeny, Jennifer König, Andreas Köppe, Kennet Lekko, Michael Merkel, Yvonne Most, Murat Önen, Malte Pätz, Cecilia Pape, Joram Schön, Varinka Schreuers, Emanuel Schulze, Robert Tschöke, Luzia Werner, Lucas Zimmermann.

At BIKINI BERLIN, first floor, Budapester Strasse 38-50, 10787 Berlin.
Opening reception on Tuesday, 12 September, 6 pm


With Selected POSITIONS we want to offer new collectors a start into the art market. In this curated exhibition we present artworks smaller than 50 x 50 cm and for less than 1.500 Euros.

Peter C. Schlueschen - Award for sports photography

The award, established in 2005 in memory of the sports photographer Peter Schlueschen, is committed to the promotion of young talents in the field of sports photography. Equipped with a total amount of € 10,000 it is one of the most highly endowed awards for sports photography in Germany. Furthermore the 20 best works of the competition will be presented at the POSITIONS Berlin.

Award ceremony on Saturday, 16 September, 6 pm at booth E10 

Berlin Hyp Award

POSITIONS Berlin awards artists exhibiting at the fair to present their works in a solo show in cooperation with BERLIN HYP. 
Award ceremony on Sunday, 17 September, 1 pm at POSITIONS Box (booth E11)

Exhibition Georg Korner: Transit

As head of the sculpture workshop for the reconstruction of the Stadtschloss Berlin facade Korner developt the prototypes of the sculpture and ornament programme of the Stadtschloss Berlin and the Schlueterhof between 2003 and 2015. In the meantime Korner was inspired to create his own monumental group of sculptures, which now will be presented at the Uferhalle Berlin. Please find further information on the exhibition here.

From 14 - 17 September, noon - 7 pm.
Uferstraße 8-11, left hall, 13357 Berlin-Wedding